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Available dates for PRG North as of November 15th.   PRG North has the ability to customize trips entirely based on guests preference of accommodations and fishing techniques (floating, wading, sight fishing, etc.).   Guests can choose from the best lodges and estancias in the region and our guides and rivers will guarantee a trip of a lifetime.  If you can dream it, we can execute it and there hasn’t been a better time to fish around San Martin de los Andes in many years.  The volcano is a non-issue and big healthy fish and some of the best rivers in South America await!  Contact us for all details and more information on spots below.

December is going to offer awesome fishing this year with average snow pack and moderate temperatures (little runoff in December).  Guests have access to the best rivers and all of the smaller rivers will be in perfect shape and still hold large fish that winter in them.  Here are a few spots that we have open in December:  ARRIVE Saturday 1s – DEPART on the Saturday the 8th | ARRIVE on Saturday the 8th- DEPART on Saturday the 15th.  Availability for up to (8) guests.  All trips in December have a pre-season special rate!  We also have availability for (4) anglers to ARRIVE Saturday December 29th – DEPART on Saturday January 5rd.  Guests will enjoy a wonderful New Year’s Eve at Estancia Huechahue, the longest days of the year and great trout fishing!  This particular trip would consist of (3) nights at Estancia Huechahue to fish a variety of rivers and (4) nights at Estancia Quemquemtreu to fish the unforgettable Collon Cura River and the Quemquemtreu Creek.

January is generally our busiest time of the year, but amazingly we still have some great days for guests to choose from.  We have (4+) spots available from ARRIVE Saturday January 5th – DEPART Sunday January 13th.  This trip is a total of  8 nights/7 days combining two of the best estancias in the region.  Guests can choose between 6 different lodges and programs and each trip will be custom designed to clients desires!  We also have ARRIVE Thursday January 31st –  DEPART Thursday February 7th with room for (4) anglers.  Both trips to be custom designed to meet each guest’s desires.

February is mid-season and we still have (4) spots from ARRIVE February 14th – DEPART 21st | ARRIVE Saturday February 23rd –  DEPART Saturday March 2nd for (4) anglers.   Both programs are 7 nights/6 days of fishing and there is the ability to combine two different estancias or one lodge and a few nights of luxury camping.  Once again, all trips are custom so please contact us for more details of what we can put together for you.

March is terrestrial season and some of the best fishing of the year.  Waters are at ideal levels and this is a time not to miss with fall fishing starting to shape up and minnows on the Collon Cura at the peak (minnows run up the Collon Cura  in huge schools for some of the most exciting fishing on earth!).  We have a couple of spots available like:  ARRIVE Sunday March 17th – Depart Sunday March 24th | ARRIVE Sunday March 24th – DEPART on the Sunday March 31st.  Room for (4) guests.  Mid-March is also prime time for hunting Red Stag, and we have great deals and great areas to hunt.  After getting your trophy stag we’ll take you out on the river as well.  Let us know what you want to experience and we will create a custom itinerary for you.

We have plenty of options in April and guests can combine Red Stag and also incredible quail hunting with trout fishing.  We provide gun, ammo, dogs, and great guides.  Please contact us to check for availability and come and experience some amazing fall fishing at its prime with great scenery, fall colors, great hatches and strong fighting fish.  We have a special available from Mid-April, so those that like fall will love the price and the incredible programs!

Our season is open until May 31st, and the month of may is a great time for those that are looking to catch trophy brown trout.  Brown trout in the area are getting ready to spawn and migrating upstream while feeding to gain energy for this important stage.  They are strong, they are big, and for those looking for fish over 10-pounds in fresh water, this is the time and the place.  Guests will enjoy great fall colors and rivers to themselves.  For those wanting to add a few days of quail hunting, this is also the ideal time to cast and blast!  We also have a fall special from Mid-April through May.

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