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Drift Boats @ PRG North


The Patagonia Region has always been considered one of the most remote areas in the world for the practice of the sport of Fly Fishing.  In the old days, access to the rivers meant very few flights to plan the trip, rough dirt roads with old trucks, long hikes, no boat ramps, and therefore lots of unfishable water.  As time went by, even though Patagonia never lost its charm, PRG always did their best to have the best gear possible to maximize comfort and to stretch boundaries.  Tired of using rafts when it wasn’t necessary we decided to purchase the most modern drift boats ever made in Argentine territory.  RO Skiffs are the lightest, most durable, self maintained fiberglass boats in the world.  Originally designed by RO Boats in Bozeman, Montana, they were introduced into the country by RO Skiff Argentina and produced in the Province of Buenos Aires.  These boats, slide effortlessly through the narrowest and shallowest of channels, letting you keep your mind on the fish. The Skiff carries up to three people in just three inches of water. The low profile keeps it tracking even in windy conditions, and we know how windy Patagonia can get.

We started with two of them for PRG North´s first season and for the second season we are purchasing two more.  This means, comfortable seats, dry compartment for storage, easy mobility, nothing to snag your line even when fishing out the back, rod holders to have more than one rod rigged up and to make it easy to change from one rig to another, and lots more.  They are the best water vehicle for fly fishing, and PRG couldn’t afford not to have a whole fleet of them.

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