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PRG’s Trevelin area programs are arguably the most sought after in all of Argentina.  The area surrounding Trevelin and Esquel offers over two-dozen rivers and the most diverse fishing in all of Argentina.  From temperate rainforest in Los Alerces National Park to the arid Patagonia steppe – all within striking distance of The Lodge at Trevelin – the area is a fly fisherman’s dream come true.  Since the waters, fishing, and scenery are so distinct, we recommend trying our signature “fish a different river daily” program to make the most of the experience.  Those that do will enjoy casting flies in every kind of water imaginable and catching a variety of strong wild trout.   The area’s rivers boast rainbows, browns, brook trout, and landlocked salmon in their waters.

There is such a wide selection of large rivers, small rivers, spring creeks and lakes in the Trevelin area that anglers can choose to wade or float daily.  Guests can also choose and enjoy as much or as little sight fishing, match the hatch dry fly fishing, terrestrial fishing, streamer fishing, and spot nymph fishing, as they wish. Novice as well as the most seasoned anglers will take pleasure in the sophistication of our outfitting and the diversity of the fishing.  Our talented guides specialize in fishing diverse waters and have the necessary flies and tackle required to change tactics daily, and since each professional guide has an assistant, walk-fishing guests will always enjoy a single guide.

PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin is located in the heart of one of the most spectacular mountain valleys in Patagonia.  From the lodge, guests can find productive trout streams literally in every direction.  We are certain that we offer the most diverse trout-fishing program in South America complimented with a spectacular lodge designed specifically for the purpose.

Week-long programs are standard at Trevelin, but trips as short as three days can easily be designed.  And for those that want to a completely custom itinerary, combining our programs at PRG North or Rio Pico with Trevelin is easy.


  • Program is based from prg’s world-class lodge at trevelin
  • Single rooms complimentary
  • 200 bottle whiskey bar
  • Top notch service, food & beverage
  • Fish a different river daily from strategic central location
  • Incredible selection of big rivers, freestones, spring creeks and lakes
  • Most diverse mix of wading and floating from any single lodge
  • 400,000 acres of private water
  • Fall cast and blast programs
  • Red stag hunting
  • Diverse non-fishing activities
  • Eco Activities

PRG offers a variety of custom options to make your stay the best it can be. Please email us to get pricing based on what you would like to do during your stay. Click HERE to email us.

PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin requires a standard saturday to saturday – 7 night / 6 day program

Extended stays are easily added to both PRG North and Rio Pico

Saturday // Arrive Esquel Airport – transfer 30 minutes to the lodge
Sunday // Fish Rio Grande
Monday // Fish Rio Corintos
Tuesday // Fish Rio Rivadavia
Wednesday // Fish Arroyo Pescado
Thursday // Fish Rio Corcovado
Friday // Fish Rio Gualjaina
Saturday // Depart Esquel Airport

PRG Trevelin FAQ’s

Yes. We offer several different programs in Los Alerces and each and every guest is able to get into the park.
Yes! Our area has many different kinds of water and ecosystems. Those willing to let us orchestrate our signature programs will enjoy a great mix of wading and floating and truly and an incredible blend of types of fishing.
Since we fish a different river daily, guests do have to drive to different rivers daily. Drive times range between twenty minutes to one hour in most cases. The longest drive is one hour and fifteen minutes unless specifically requested to go “off the beaten path” to get to more remote areas.
We recommend PRG North and the private estancia program. Drive times as short as five to ten minutes are possible as the lodges are very close to the water. You will give up some variety, but we understand that some just don’t like to drive.
Yes! Single rooms are complimentary for all guests because our lodge was designed to give each and every guest their own room with private bath. There are few lodges that can offer this luxury and fewer that offer it included in the price without an upgrade charge.