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Estancia Arroyo Verde sits on one of the most magical valleys in Argentina and alongside the gin-clear Trafúl River. The main house accommodates up to ten guests, while a separate cabin overlooking the Lake Trafúl provides guests with a unique private experience. The service here is truly deluxe and the lodging is as elegant as it gets. This location is very popular with guests traveling with non-fishing spouses offering additional activities such as horseback riding, hiking, and bird watching. The only way to fish the Trafúl River is to stay on this ranch containing just over ten miles of river starting at Trafúl Lake. Charles Gaines, writer for Forbes magazine probably summed the lodge up best saying, “Since childhood, I have visited a truly shocking number of fishing lodges and not one of them was ever as good as Arroyo Verde”. As great as the lodge is, the river is just as challenging. Trophy fish can be landed on the Trafúl but the river will hand out just as many “skunks” as trophies. It is not for everyone but everything a fishing lodge and river should be for others. Let us help you decide.


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Arroyo Verde is a few hours drive south of San Martin de los Andes, situated on gin clear waters of the Traful River.

PRG offers a variety of custom options to make your stay the best it can be. Please email us to get pricing based on what you would like to do during your stay. Click HERE to email us.

Arroyo Verde

River Access

The prized jewel of Arroyo Verde is their access to Rio Traful. This is a breathtaking, crystal clear river that flows throughout the property. Because of it’s technical nature, this river has a reputation for being quite challenging for any angler, but the reward is the potential fish of a lifetime. Many browns and rainbows exceeding 28″ have been landed here! Other area rivers such as the Filo Hua Hum and Caleufú are accessible as well.

Customize your Trip

Ideal Combo Options

The combo options below are PRG’s recommendations based on popularity. You may choose any of the North lodging options to create your custom trip. Please contact us to learn more about customizing your PRG North experience.

High End + Authentic (walk/wade)

Arroyo Verde Lodge


3 nights | Arroyo Verde Lodge

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High End

Arroyo Verde Lodge

5 nights | Tipiliuke

2 nights | Arroyo Verde Lodge

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High End + Authentic (float + wading national park)

Arroyo Verde Lodge

4 nights | Arroyo Verde Lodge

5 nights | Collon Cura Lodge

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PRG Difference

Why book through PRG instead of direct with a private estancia?

While there might be the option to book your stay directly with a private estancia, we encourage you to explore all of the benefits available to you when booking directly through PRG.  There is a difference.  Make the most of your time and money and trust PRG to produce the best trips possible in Argentina.  Guests who book direct with PRG will be provided:

There is no denying that our guides are the best in Argentina. Our staff of guides have been trained over the past two decades by PRG owners Rance Rathie and Travis Smith, professional guides born and raised in Montana. All guides speak English, are up to date on all safety training and are expert oarsmen and anglers. Many of our guides have been with us since the beginning which is a true testament to their passion for guiding and the PRG family.

Each guide is provided an assistant guide and you receive 1:1 guiding while wade fishing. This is a significant upgrade as both anglers will be able to fish independently and enjoy the luxury of single guiding. Assistant guides participate in a rigorous 4 to 6-year apprenticeship program, ensuring that all new guides are professionally trained and of PRG caliber. Consider them your concierge for the duration of your trip and enjoy a luxury not provided by other outfitters.

When you book directly with PRG, you are not tied down with limited water access provided by the estancia or lodge. Over the years, we have built a network of private water accesses — exclusive to Patagonia River Guides. No matter which lodge or estancia you book through PRG, we provide additional river access making your experience much more diverse and infinitely more productive. 

Guests at PRG enjoy a super-inclusive program and are always provided the industry’s top fly fishing gear and equipmentat no additional cost.  We provide Simms waders, boots, and other accessories.  We also provide Winston fly rods lined up on our custom Abel reels.  We also provide all flies, leaders, and tippet throughout your stay so you always have what you need, when you need it.  We also provide all lodging, food, beverage, license, and more. For those that love to travel light and want to skip the headache of checking fishing gear, you have that luxury when booking with PRG!

Argentina is a massive country and we have an incredible variety of water to fish spanning 600 miles North to South throughout the best parts of Northern and Central Patagonia.  With lodges strategically located in Rio Pico, Trevelin / Esquel, and San Martin / Junin de los Andes Regions, guests can easily fish a different river daily for up to three weeks.  For this reason, we recommend all of our guests to try a “combo” trip. With over a dozen lodging options in three regions, a combo trip will allow guests to see and fish much more of Patagonia.

When you book with PRG, our travel team will handle all logistics and travel to make your booking experience effortless and seamless.  We provide excellent communication and have a full in-house travel staff standing by to book every aspect of your trip from your doorstep to ours.  We provide the most comprehensive pre-trip packet ever developed for Argentina and work with top travel professionals in the USA and Argentina to everything for you – at no extra cost. Booking is easy!

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