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Lodge at Trevelin



PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin warmly welcomes guests after their daily adventures in the Esquel and Los Alerces National Park area. The lodge consists of 12 spacious and tastefully appointed bedrooms all of which include private ensuite baths and all that is expected of a five-star experience in order to unwind and relax in comfort and beauty. Unique to the Trevelin lodging experience is it’s one of a kind whiskey bar where guests can explore a selection of over 100 whiskeys that have been provided by PRG guests over the years – all as a result from the PRG Whiskey Club. A second bar on the wraparound deck welcomes you to take in the breathtaking view of one of the five surrounding mountain ranges while relaxing and enjoying a cocktail, local wine or beer. The third bar is located at the spa. You are welcome to sit in the wood hot tub sipping your favorite drink and gaze at the beautiful view of our vineyard. The Trevelin lodging experience is infused with local cuisine and culture, with an indoor Parilla and outdoor fire pit to give guests a gourmet and authentic asado experience served by our exceptional staff. Our cuisine showcases local organic fruits, meats, cheeses and vegetables that are often grown from our own garden, all of which are curated by our chefs. Guests enjoy Argentina’s superb beef and famous Patagonia lamb asados, always complemented with a rotating selection of Argentina’s finest red and white wines, giving guests an authentic Argentine experience. The Lodge at Trevelin also offers a variety of non-angling activities for non-fishing spouses or those just looking to take the day off from fishing. Each day is tailor made to fit your preference. From enjoying a spa day, horseback riding, hiking, shopping or learning about the history with a tour of the surrounding area, we are sure every non-angler will enjoy their time in Argentina. 

New for 2020, PRG has added a beautiful spa, equipped with a sauna, massage center, hot tub, and an outdoor bar. Guests, whether anglers or non-anglers can wind down in the spa area with a relaxing massage, a soak in the hot tub, or simply enjoying a glass of wine and a view of our wine vineyard. We are certain that this addition will bring a next-level experience for all of our guests!


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The Lodge at Trevelin is located 30 minutes south of the Esquel Airport.

PRG offers a variety of custom options to make your stay the best it can be. Please email us to get pricing based on what you would like to do during your stay. Click HERE to email us.

PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin has a wonderful American and Scotch Whiskey bar, offering guests a chance to try a new whiskey or an all-time favorite. Cuban cigars are also available as well as some brandies and cognacs. PRG offers two choices to enjoy the whiskey bar: bring a special bottle to share with PRG and enjoy all of PRG’s choices in exchange for leaving a bottle or purchase by the glass. Our extensive collection, which has either been special imported by PRG or carried down by guests, is a delightful treat after a memorable day on the water.


Food & Drink

Our chefs pride themselves on sharing a mixture of authentic Argentine cuisine with a modern flare. All of our food is locally sourced, much of which is from our very own greenhouse garden. We start the day with a made to order breakfast consisted of fresh juices, cereals, yogurts, teas and of course coffee. Each day on the river, your guide will cook a hot lunch prepared by our professional chefs. Waiting for you at the lodge will be appetizers and cocktails. Don’t be surprised to see some of Argentina’s delicious beef, pork or chicken cooking on the indoor parilla or a whole lamb cooking on the outdoor firepit. Our chefs are passionate about every meal that is prepared for PRG guests, and we are confident you will be satisfied and enjoy every moment.

“If an authentic Argentine experience is on your bucket list, the PRG North program is where it’s at.”

Lodge at Trevelin


As you walk through the lodge doors, you will feel instantly relaxed. You will be welcomed by a warm and friendly host and staff who can get you anything you need. There are six rooms on the top floor, three located off the wrap around deck and three more in a separate cabin just a short walk from the lodge. All rooms have a private ensuite bathroom and any accommodations necessary can be made to make your stay more comfortable. WIFI is available in all parts of the lodge so you can be connected to family and friends at all times. Located downstairs is a pool table, whiskey bar, dining area, living room and a full bar leading you to the outside deck. Guests are welcome to spend their evening relaxing in the indoor living room or sitting and enjoying the view from the outside deck.

“High end lodging experience with Spa, Whiskey Bar and Vineyard.”

Lodge at Trevelin

Whiskey Bar

PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin has a wonderful scotch and whiskey bar. We started the PRG Whiskey Club as a fun way to bring in a variety of spirits that everyone can enjoy. You can try a new whiskey or enjoy an all time favorite. Simply bring a bottle to add to the collection and that grants you access to try our incredible variety of whiskeys from all over the world. If you don’t bring a bottle, that’s ok, you are welcome to purchase each whiskey by the glass. The whiskey bar also includes Cuban cigars available for purchase. Nothing beats whiskey and a cigar after an unforgettable day on the water.

“Contra Corriente has three varieties of cool climate wines: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Gewürztraminer.”

Lodge at Trevelin

Contra Corriente

Adding a vineyard to the PRG scene was an ambitious but realistic dream by owners Rance Rathie and Travis Smith. With hard work and persistance, the dream is now a fully operational bodega and vineyard. Contra Corriente (Against the Current) was born with the first vine plantings in 2014. The first wine was produced in 2018 and bottled in a temporary winery by the owners and their families. The types of wine Contra Corriente focuses on are Pinot Noir and whites, specifically Gewürztraminer and Chardonnay. Contra Corriente grapes are like no other and make outstanding wine because they are grown in colder than usual weather. The cooler climate of the south gives the grapes unique subtle and complex aromas and flavors you cannot attain in warmer weather.

Lodge at Trevelin

Spa + Wine Tasting

PRG Lodge at Trevelin has added a beautiful spa equipped with a sauna, massage room, wine tasting room, hot tub, and a full outdoor bar. The spa deck offers everything but an ordinary view. Guests whether anglers or non anglers can now unwind with a massage, a soak in the hot tub or simply enjoy a cocktail and a view of our new and expanded vineyard.  Guests are welcome to have a wine tasting of Contra Corriente wine at the spa. During your wine tasting, our wine expert will be with you describing exactly what takes place during the wine making process and what is required to protect the grapes in the cooler climate of southern Patagonia.

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