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Rio Pico Program

PRG pioneered fly fishing in the Rio Pico region and offers the region’s top outfitted program. Rio Pico is perfectly suited for guests wanting to get away from it all and to enjoy Central Patagonia’s wildest and (arguably) most beautiful destination. There is not a paved road in the entire region and anglers often have to ford rivers and open locked gates to get to remote fishing locations. PRG’s professional guides are well equipped to fish in the isolated region and all have rugged 4×4 trucks, inflatable NRS rafts with custom-designed fishing frames, and years of experience in negotiating the terrain. Our Rio Pico fly fishing program offers an incredible variety of float and wade fishing opportunities, combining quite possibly the best lake fishing in all of Patagonia with exciting spring creek and small river fishing. 

Anglers will enjoy fishing a different river daily and can choose between five smaller rivers and eight spring creeks holding fish averaging 16-20+ inches. Although most of the area access is private, some hiking is necessary to get to the best sections. Those willing to explore will encounter some of Argentina’s best-kept secrets and enjoy sight fishing to large trout. The rivers offer a healthy trout population so anglers of all experience levels will enjoy an exciting day. The area also offers several intimate spring creeks offering exciting fishing to large trout in small water. Fish in the rivers are keyed into terrestrials from late spring and throughout the summer and guests will enjoy fishing with large foam flies imitating grasshoppers, crickets, canteria beetles, and flying ants. Hatches are sporadic but anglers will also enjoy matching the hatch and fishing mayflies and caddis to rising fish.  

Rainbow trout, brown trout and brook trout, averaging 24-inches, can also be targeted on one of the area’s many productive lakes. Anglers can choose to fish lakes at any time and enjoy an amazing experience while fishing giant dry flies imitating dragonflies and canteria beetles. Unlike other locations such as Jurassic Lake, Rio Pico offers a diverse and beautiful valley set right in the Andes. The area offers incredible variety and there are more than a dozen productive lakes in the area, each with its own distinct character. Guests could fish for an entire week never touching the same lake twice. No other stillwater destination offers the beauty, variety, or productivity of the Rio Pico. 

Trout fishing trips of any length can be programed in Rio Pico. Guests often combine a full week at PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin with another 4-7 nights at Tres Valles Lodge. Guests can also combine with PRG North and PRG Unplugged, enjoying a nice day off and beautiful groud transfer to Northern Patagonia. Contact us today for more information about our Rio Pico programs and exciting wilderness fishing.

Program Highlights

Based from Estancia Tres Valles, anglers have access to incredible variety surrounding the Rio Pico area. This area is home to exceptional views of surrounding mountains and large valleys.

PRG offers a variety of custom options to make your stay the best it can be. Please email us to get pricing based on what you would like to do during your stay. Click HERE to email us.

  • Program is based from Tres Valles Lodge
  • Incredible private setting overlooking the Andes and Lago Vilches
  • Intimate lodge only takes 8 guests per week
  • A beautiful, wild and remote wilderness setting
  • Fish a different river daily from strategic central location
  • Ideal location for those that like to walk and wade
  • Exceptional dry fly and sight fishing on small water
  • Trophy fish in area lakes
  • Easily combinable with PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin
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Lodging Option

Tres Valles Lodge

Tres Valles Lodge is the ideal lodging choice for those looking to fish the Rio Pico area. It is also the perfect place to find peace and quiet as it’s location is remote and exceptionally beautiful. Located just outside Rio Pico, Tres Valles offers guests first-class accommodation, excellent service, and an incredible dining experience. For those looking for non-angling activities, we can organize a number of activities including horseback riding and cultural tours.

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Rio Pico

Walk & Wade Fly Fishing

This remote location is home to incredible wade fishing opportunities on the small streams and spring creeks in the area. Anglers can find themselves casting dry flies in an open valley next to grazing cows and sheep or navigating various trails into deep canyons. All wade fishing in the area is within close proximity to Tres Valles Lodge. To learn more about the water we fish in Rio Pico, click HERE.

Rio Pico

Cultural and Non-Angler Experience

Aside from great fishing, there is a ton to experience and explore without a fly rod in hand. Being that this region is so remote, Rio Pico is incredibly rich in culture and beauty. Visiting with and meeting gauchos (Argentine cowboys) is a daily occurrence. Whether they are preparing an Asado, working cattle, gardening, or exploring with their dogs, it’s always incredible to get a glimpse of the “gaucho life”.  Additionally, the surrounding landscapes are stunningly beautiful and full of wild adventure. For anyone looking to get outside and take a break from fishing, we can coordinate activities such as horseback riding, hiking, and other fun adventurous pursuits.

Rio Pico

Float Fishing

With over a dozen lakes to fish, there is no shortage of epic shoreline float fishing. The lakes in this area produce some of the largest trout in Patagonia! Without a doubt, the highlight of these lakes is the opportunity to sight cast dry flies to rising fish. There are also a few river float trips on the Rio Pico and Corcovado Rivers. To learn more about the water we fish in Rio Pico, click HERE.

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