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Red Stag


PRG Red Stag Program

Patagonia River Guides offers world-class red stag hunting in Central and Northern Patagonia. Both rifle and archery hunters will enjoy inspiring scenery, welcoming hospitality package, the exciting roar, and some of the country’s largest trophies. Cast and Blast enthusiasts can choose to hunt red stag as a stand-alone adventure, before or after a fishing trip, or as part of a cast and blast combination at select estancias and lodges. The best hunts are normally booked a year out and some require a full week dedicated to stalk and harvest a trophy. Day trip options are also available allowing guests to enjoy the full cast and blast trip combining stag, trout and quail in the same week.  

Trophy red stag hunts on open-country can be booked at both PRG South and PRG North. These hunts are typically booked for five to seven days and take place on private estancias or remote out camps. A full five days (two hunts per day) is usually necessary to locate, stalk and hunt the largest trophies and these should be considered dedicated hunting trips.  

Exclusive Mountain Hunt | PRG South

Dedicated trophy hunts at PRG South take place on an exclusive mountain estancia near the city of Esquel and adjacent to Los Alerces National Park. No more than eight hunts per year are offered to ensure quality trophy management and to ensure all hunters have the opportunity to hunt a world-class trophy. The program is very comfortable and based out of the owner’s cabin and totally managed by PRG. Hunters have access to over 50,000 acres of ideal red stag habitat including five creek drainages, which form the Rio Percy. The area holds some of the country’s best trophy red stag. The program may be booked for 5 nights / 5 days hunting, 6 nights / 6 days hunting or 7 nights / 7 days hunting. The trophy red stag program at PRG South is all-inclusive and includes one trophy red stag, estancia access fees, hunting license, single guides, all food and beverage and .300 win mag rifle with bullets. Hunters are responsible for all shipping, handling and export paperwork of their trophies. Please contact us for more information and a price quote.   

Day Hunts from PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin

Day trips can also be arranged for hunters wanting to hunt a red stag while not dedicating a full week to the program. From PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin, guests can access and hunt Estancia Escondida, a 10,000-acre private estancia, offering abundant red stag and ideal terrain only 20-minutes from the lodge. Guests can be hunting within 30-minutes and can typically harvest a trophy red stag in just a couple of days allowing them the opportunity to also finish out their trip enjoying fly fishing and quail hunting. Guests enjoy single rooms at PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin, which comes with every imaginable amenity including signature indoor parillia, 220 bottle whiskey bar, world-class spa and winery. It is possible to hunt quail and fish during the middle of the day at an extra cost as additional guides will be required. Red stag day trips are priced by the day and in addition to the standard lodging and fishing rate. Please email us for more information and complete pricing for red stag day trips from PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin. 

Estancia Escondida | PRG South

Five-night trophy hunts can be arranged on the 10,000-acre Estancia Escondida in the Esquel Area at a reasonable rate. The Escondida is one of the finest red stag properties in Argentina and offers ideal habitat and terrain for red stag. The property includes high Andes, river valley and steppe all in the same property. It is incredibly beautiful and conveniently located a short twenty-minute drive to the Esquel airport. Hunters enjoy a nice lodging package including single rooms with private baths for each hunter. The lodge is perfectly located and little to no driving is required because some of the best roaring grounds are near the lodge. Although the Escondida is a high-fenced operation, it is impossible to hunt the entire property in a week and the property is massive and totally wild. Hunters will enjoy the most roaring action possible in Patagonia and often enjoy several stalks in the same session. The Escondida is an ideal place to bow or rifle hunt, and because it is a registered hunting property, guests can harvest more than one trophy. This is a great program for a group of four to enjoy as a private lodge. It is the ideal program for those hunters wanting the most roaring action, those looking for a budget-friendly hunt, and for those who might want to hunt more than one trophy. It is also ideal for those that might not physically capable to hunt the more rugged mountain properties often requiring long hikes each session. Please contact us for more information about this program and to see it is right for you.  

Private Estancia Program | PRG North

Hunts at PRG North are also arranged at several area estancias. PRG North does not actually handle the hunt but provides logistical support. PRG North also handles all fly fishing trips before or after hunting. Estancias and their hunting programs are all different and hunts can be booked in the steppe or in the mountains. Space is always limited but PRG has the inside track on all available hunts in the area.  Count on PRG to find and book the best available option based on hunters’ desires.

Program Highlights

Our Red Stag program is based in both Central and Northern Patagonia. For PRG South, guests have the option to stay on Estancia Escondida for mountain hunts or at the PRG Lodge at Trevelin for day hunts. Further north, our Private Estancia Program central to San Martin de los Andes is where guests can choose to stay.

PRG offers a variety of custom options to make your stay the best it can be. Please email us to get pricing based on what you would like to do during your stay. Click HERE to email us.

  • Several estancias and different kinds of programs to choose from
  • Ability to dedicate a full week or a few days to the stag hunt
  • Hunt al la carte or full all-inclusive programs
  • Easily to combine with fishing programs during, before or after
  • Spectacular andes mountain scenery and fall colors
  • Hunt trophy red stag averaging 190+ cic or 300+ sci
  • Hunt in the roar
  • Single guides provided per hunter
  • Bow and rifle hunting welcome on most properties
  • New remington 700 xtr .300 win mag rifles with leupold scopes provided for guests
  • Complete trophy preparation, handling and shipping back home
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