Lodge Happenings for the New Year

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Lodge Happenings for the New Year


We thought our friends and guests would like to see what we’ve been up to in the last couple of months.  To sum it up, we’ve been really busy getting everything just right for the season, fishing a lot, and enjoying beautiful Patagonia.   Our season is off to a great start with a full group of guests enjoying warm weather, light winds, and very good fishing.  Trout are on the bite, and after the Arroyo Pescado opens on January 1st, we’ll be fishing all of our waters.

As just about everyone knows, we purchased a new lodge last year and remodeled the whole place.  We continue to add touches to the lodge as most of the big projects have been completed.  So now the fun stuff!  We found an antique Brunswick Arcade pool table manufactured in Argentina around 1918.  Our great friend and dorado guide extraordinaire, Pablo Orfeo, hauled it down a few weeks ago from the north of Argentina.  You know what they say, “they don’t make um like they used to”.  We now have a 1-ton pool table with 2 1/2-inch Italian slate set up in our second living room!  It fits the lodge perfectly and for those that like pool, it is truly a pleasure to play on.

In addition to the table, we are adding top shelf cigars | scotch | whiskey | tequila | cognac to the existing bar that is already set up in the billiard room.  So, now guests can enjoy a great single malt, blended, or American whiskey along with a good cigar in the evenings.  (And for those that want to take a cigar on the river, we also have a selection in individual tubes to enjoy riverside.)  Our offerings at the moment vary from Johnny Walker blue, gold, green, black; Chivas Regal Royal and Royal Salute; single malts like Glenfiddich and Mcallan; Gentleman Jack; and Remmy Martin and Hennesey Cognac.  We’re also hunting down some other American whiskeys and some special tequilas too.

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Just behind the cigar bar and billiard room, we have a new wine cellar holding over 300 bottles of great Malbecs.  It is amazing what you can do with a linen closet!  And with our relationship with Andeluna, we are assured some of the best wines to serve to our guests throughout the season and room to let some special wines lay down and age for a few extra years.

Our on-site green houses and gardens are at full capacity and are growing over 40 varieties of herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, beats, potatoes, carrots, fruits and berries.  This year guests can enjoy the freshest and most delicious greens and vegetables right from our own organic gardens.  Currently, we are producing about 90% of the vegetables we serve and guests are raving about the quality!  We also have our own laying hens putting out the best country eggs for PRG’s world-famous poached eggs.  The PRG kidos love the farm and we’re looking forward to adding more and more each year for our guests and families enjoyment.

Can’t stop without talking a little shop.  We just put away (8) new Winston Boron IIIx 9-foot 6-weights for this season, so we’ll have (12) BIIIx’s for each and every guest to try out.  And we have a bunch of Boron IIx’s and Boron IImx’s as well for those that like a lighter and softer rod or for those that need the speed and like stiff rods.  We also just put away a whole bunch of new Simms waders and boots too for our guests that like to travel light and use our gear.  Our Hatch Reels are so bomber that we probably won’t have to replace them for the life of our company and we’re all set to match all our Winstons with Hatch Reels.  We’re looking forward to seeing John and Danny (owners of Hatch) this year at PRG.  We hope to test out some new reels and other cool things they make.  Flies?  I almost forgot, we just put away over 1400 dozen flies (yes 1400) on top of what must have already been around 3000 dozen from previous years for our guest to use throughout their stay.  And this year we are giving Trouthunter tippet and leaders a try.  Our good friends at Trouthunter are making some great stuff and of coarse the packaging and spools are really sweet too.  We have every size of fluorocarbon and also nylon to help our guests land more fish and to haul in the big boys!  You could say that we’re over-geared, and that’s exactly how our guests like it!

We’re having tons of fun with the PRG kids, guides, families and in our beautiful new town of Trevelin and our PRG Lodge at Trevelin.  The lucky guests that are in this week get a New Year’s party, and have already enjoyed four of the most beautiful (and long) days of the year.

Happy New Year!…..may it be prosperous and here’s to good health and great fishing….cheers!!

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