Nomads of the Seas | PRG Combo Trip

>>Nomads of the Seas | PRG Combo Trip

Nomads of the Seas | PRG Combo Trip


PRG and Nomads of the Seas are teaming up to provide the most exciting Argentina|Chile combo trip ever!  Both operations have been working on this program since March and are finally ready to announce it to the world.  The idea was dreamed up by Andres Ergas, owner of Nomads of the Seas, after joining PRG and a group of friends at PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin in March.  Andres noted many similarities between PRG’s programs and his Nomads programs and thought it would be a perfect fit for clients looking for the “Best of Patagonia” and not just one country.  We couldn’t agree more!

After the busy season, Andres sent his guides to enjoy a week of fishing out of PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin.  We introduced the Nomads team to our rivers and fishing style, while showing them how we fish a different river daily and why our programs are the most popular in Argentina.  Following that trip, PRG’s guides–along with Rance, Travis and Alex–joined Andres aboard The Atomsphere for a week of exciting fishing and adventure in Chilean Patagonia.  The programs couldn’t be any more different, while also being similar in so many aspects.  Both PRG and Nomads offer guests the ultimate in variety, service and flyfishing on each side of the Andes.  We’re not afraid to say that the Nomads experience is something that every angler must experience!  The food, beverage, equipment, and logistics are a marvel even with modern technology and a staff of 30 to take care of every need.

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Press Release:

For the first time, Nomads of the Seas and Patagonia River Guides team up to offer the most variety, the best service and the most exclusive flyfishing program ever designed in South America.  This 13-night program allows guests to choose from and to explore different waters in both Chile and Argentina on the same trip.  Truly the best of Patagonia!  Guests will experience exclusive and diverse programs offering picturesque landscapes, unique cultures, incredible equipment, professional guides, and access to dozens of rivers on each side of the Andes.

Nomads of the Seas and Patagonia River Guides combine to offer absolutely the best accommodation, gastronomy, wines and service available in Patagonia; and together, offer guests a unique mix, contrast and diversity never before seen in Patagonia.  By sea, by air, by land—guests will truly experience the best of Patagonia!

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