Patagonia Argentina Trout Fishing Map

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Patagonia Argentina Trout Fishing Map


This map shows the PRG territory.  We fish all the waters that are blue and a few that aren’t on that map that we don’t like to show for obvious reasons.  Check it out and thanks to our great friend Dan Armstrong for putting it together for us.  If you’re looking for options, we have many for you–it would really take a whole season to see all the places.  We can show you quite a bit in 7 | 10 | 14 | or even 21 days, so f you’re looking for the best variety in Argentina, PRG can show you the most.  Contact us today for options and we’ll have a 6 foot by 4 foot version of this map in the lodge this year for our guests to enjoy.  Merry Christmas…..

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