Patagonia Quail Hunting

>>Patagonia Quail Hunting

Patagonia Quail Hunting


Quail were introduced to Patagonia over fifty years ago.  Some say they were first introduced in Chile, other say Argentina.  What we do know for sure is that the elevation, climate, precipitation and cover are perfect for quail.  If you like bird hunting and fall trout fishing, PRG’s quail programs might just be perfect for you.  We have 100,000′s of acres under lease and hundreds of coveys of california quail waiting for you.  There are few predators and since quail were introduced, their populations are growing unchecked by nature.  Coveys typically contain 30 to 100+ birds and unlike their cousins in the USA, who don’t like to fly as much as run, our birds are quick to the air and provide exceptional shooting opportunities.  Quail hunting in Patagonia is exciting, the terrain and scenery beautiful, and the ability to combine with fishing make this a world-class program.

To  complete, the program, PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin is the ideal base camp for your adventure with two full bars, twelve single occupancy rooms, great wines, gourmet food, and wonderful service.  What are you waiting for, come hunting in your off season and enjoy two fall seasons in one year!  We provide great guides, 20 gauge Berettas, and a full kennel of well-trained pointers to go along with the ultimate flyfishing adventure.

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