Polo in San Martin de los Andes

>>Polo in San Martin de los Andes

Polo in San Martin de los Andes


David and Lisa Carlin from Jackson Wyoming have been fishing the area for the last three years with Alex Knüll and the last two with PRG North.  Two of the three years, they have decided to skip a half day of fishing to visit the towns of Junín and San Martin de los Andes, and to watch the beautiful game of Polo.  We really appreciate this sport for the spectacular show that the players and their horses provide.  It is also fun to know some of the players including Martin Zimmerman from Estancia Quemquemtreu and Bertil Grahn from Mamuil Malal.  In addition to playing, Martin and Quemquemtreu are known to breed and train some of the best polo ponies in the country and are sold throughout the world.  If you happen to be here for one of these tournaments, maybe we can take you the next time you come to Patagonia.

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