Red Stag from PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin

>>Red Stag from PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin

Red Stag from PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin

It is now possible to hunt Red Stag from PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin.  A private 10,000 acre estancia has opened it’s doors to PRG this season.  Previously, the estancia was only for the Spanish owner and his friends.  Now, guests of PRG can hunt red stag for any number of days in March, April, and May.  Red Stag hunting is easily combined with our incredible trout fishing programs and also our exciting quail hunting behind well-trained pointers.  The stags average an impressive 198 points CIC (equilivent to about 340 SCI) and are beautiful

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and challenging.  Trophy fees start at only $2500 for animals up to 200 points and guests can enjoy day trips from PRG’s Lodge at Trevelin.  There is also the possibility for four guests to share a simple but well appointed mountain lodge on the property and enjoy rutting animals throughout the night and short walks to the best hunting areas.  If you have wanted to hunt a red stag and don’t have the full week to dedicate to the program, this might be a wonderful opportunity to hunt a trophy.  Imagine a combination of red stag, quail, and the best trout fishing in Patagonia.  Crisp and cool fall mornings with rutting red stag, locked up pointers, and large trout await the sportsman.  Combine the great fall activities with fall colors, incredible service, and single accommodation.  You won’t want to go home!


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