Welcome Leo Troncoso

Welcome Leo Troncoso


Patagonia River Guides is excited to announce the addition of Leandro (Leo) Troncoso to our guide staff!  Leo, an Argentine native, has been working for the past seven seasons across the boarder in Chile at El Saltamontes Lodge.   Leo was Saltamontes head guide for the past four seasons, but finally had to make tough decision to stay closer to home and his family in Argentina.

We are very excited to have such a knowledgeable and experienced guide join our staff.  Leo is an charismatic guy with a great personality and a big smile.  We are sure that all of our guests will enjoy getting to know and fishing with him.  Pat Pendergast, Director of Travel at The Fly Shop, has fished with him numerous times in Chile, and has had hundreds of guests fish with him over the past seven years.  He told us simply that we should “clone” Leo and that he expected that Leo would be running PRG at some time in the future.  Those are pretty strong words and a great reference from a good friend that has fished with hundreds of guides throughout his tenure with The Fly Shop.

Leo, thirty five years old, is originally from Bahia Blanca, where he walked by a park one day and saw a man casting a flyrod and became fascinated with flyfishing at age twelve.  From that moment on, he passionately studied and learned how to flyfish eventually becoming a guide to follow his dream.  He speaks impeccable English, native Spanish and some Portuguese.  Leo studied business management in college; is a Mel Kruger certified casting instructor; has traveled and fished through New Zealand, Chile and Argentina; loves tying flies and reading about flyfishing; and makes beautiful bamboo rods.  Leonardo is married to Carolina and they are enjoying their beautiful two-year old baby girl named Emilia.  They are expecting their second child in April of this year.

Welcome to the team Leo!!

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